Episcopal Chapel of the Incarnation

1522 West University Avenue

Gainesville, FL 32603

(Across from Library West)



Prayer Ministry

Praying for Others

We keep an ongoing prayer list for those who ask our prayers and pray these at our public worship services on Sunday and Wednesday nights. We keep individuals on our prayer list for one month, or longer if requested. The chaplain and students at the Chapel are available to pray, as well, with those who would like. To submit a prayer request for our community's worship services on Sunday and Wednesday nights, please let someone at the Chapel House know or complete a prayer request slip in the wooden box in the back of the Chapel. You may submit your prayer request by email to chaplain@ufchapelhouse.com

Prayer and Study Garden

Our Study Garden is open daily during daylight hours for study and internet use (we offer free wireless service). It is also a place to prayerfully reflect and pray. Many find it a spiritual oasis of refreshment and renewal in the midst of academic and personal demands on them as college students.

1522 West University Ave
Gainesville, FL 32603